Megan Sheesley Interns at Eisenhower National Historic Site

Megan Sheesley spent the summer as National Parks Service intern at the Eisenhower National Historic Site.  This site is the Gettysburg home of President Dwight and First Lady Mamie Eisenhower.  Megan worked primarily with the curator on a variety of projects throughout her internship as a collections management intern.  She also had the opportunity to speak with many of the teachers and scholars attending the Eisenhower Academy – a partner program with Gettysburg College which sponsors an annual symposium focusing on Eisenhower’s contributions.  Furthermore, Megan had the opportunity to meet Eisenhower’s granddaughter and listen to her share her experiences growing up in the Eisenhower family.  The largest project with which Megan was involved focused on the removal, care and storage of artifacts pulled from display at the home.  Megan’s internship with the National Parks Service was paid with housing and she received extensive intense training which she considers incredibly valuable.  It was a summer to remember!

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