Adam Shaffer Interns at the Flight 93 Memorial

What follows is Adam Shaffer’s reflection on his summer internship:

This summer my primary project was to work in partnership with the Fred Rogers Company to develop an activities booklet for children ages 6-10 and provide educator resources on the park website. Some of these resources are available at

I am also a participating panelist for a September 11 Forum: Impact on Young Children, being hosted by St. Vincent College on October 6, 2011.

My experience was also unique from other internships because after my experience was over, I continued working at this National Park. I have been fortunate enough to attend IUP from my regular job through the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) and continue working in the field. This allowed me to be present during the dedication and commemorative services marking the ten year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

I have most valued the opportunity to regularly apply what I am learning in the public history program at IUP in the field. My
experience from this Summer and Fall have provided me invaluable knowledge on how historic sites are developed in the 21st century and the challenges of interpreting modern day history.

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