Amanda Peters’ Semester at the Heinz History Center

Amanda Peters reflects on her time at the Heinz:

My internship took place at the Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA. I worked in the library and archives. The bulk of my work included tasks such as processing collections, writing finding aids, and preparing collections to be processed, among many other things. I also had the chance to digitize photographs and create a work plan for a small collection. The staff I worked with at the Heinz History Center was very down to earth and welcoming. I learned a lot from them and, along with the work I did there, I was excited for the time I spent in Pittsburgh.

One of the main collections I worked on was Pittsburgh Police Information Dockets. Going through the dockets took a lot of time and patience, but I discovered many interesting things along the way about the crimes and daily routines of the police who served the city of Pittsburgh in the past. Other collections I worked on were mostly in relation or belonged to individuals from Pittsburgh or the surrounding area that had served in World War II.

Working with these collections and in the archives at Heinz in general, not only gave me a good deal of experience I will need to become an archivist in the future, but also gave me the opportunity to learn about the people and history of Pittsburgh. As a public history major, my experience at the Heinz furthered my appreciation of the history around us, that we know is there, but do not get to see or learn about every day.

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