Ashley Metzger’s Summer in Lancaster

This summer I was employed as an Intern at LancasterHistory.Org, the Lancaster County Historical Society, to Barry Rauhauser who is the curator and director of “History on the Web.” I had a diverse experience, working on a variety of projects. I inventoried over 400 items in their collection; the inventory then being used by the staff to determine which items to keep and which to deaccesion. This was a fascinating process exposing me to a variety of objects such as ball gowns, pocket watches, jewelry, spectacles, and ephemera. I conducted research on the original turnpikes of Lancaster County as well as C. Emlen Urban, a famous architect from Lancaster, and prominent Lancaster citizen Rosina Hubley. Using this material I wrote small works which will later be used on sections of the walking paths at the Historical Society’s site known as the Campus of History. I also valued the experience of participating in the creation of an Interpretive Plan for the Historical Society’s new museum. I feel blessed to have been able to receive an internship in which I learned so much.

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