Shannon McGinnis Interns at Old Economy Village

Shannon McGinnisShannon McGinnis shares some thoughts on her summer internship experience:

This summer I interned at Old Economy Village in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Old Economy Village is the third and final home of a German religious group called the Harmony Society. Since Old Economy is a smaller site, I was able to get to know the staff very well, which led me to see the full picture of what is involved with running a historical site.

I interned under the curator, which allowed me to focus my work with the site’s collections, exhibits, and archives, even though I did assist with many different jobs throughout the summer. Some of my jobs included moving, unpacking, inventorying, and cataloging objects; digitizing parts of the archives; and, completing research as it was needed.

My big project for the summer was researching, writing, and installing an alchemy exhibit entitled, “Finding Harmony between Science and Religion.” The entire exhibit was made in-house, which means that my partner and I created every text panel and picture with the aid of foam boards, a hot press, and a lot of time and patience.

Old Economy Village provided me with a wonderful, well-rounded internship experience. I gained skills and knowledge that I will be able to continue to expand in my graduate studies and in my future career as a public historian.

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