Mary Kay Baker’s summer internship at the Westmoreland Museum of Art

Mary Kay Baker describes her summer as a curatorial intern at the Westmoreland Museum of Art in Greensburg, PA:

As a curatorial intern at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art in Greensburg, I was involved with the move of the entire museum from its former Main Street location to its current home at @rt 30 while the museum undergoes an expansion and renovation adding new gallery and storage space. One of my major projects for the move was the inventorying and packing of the curatorial library, a collection spanning over 1,500 books, to be placed in storage while the museum is at its temporary home. Because the museum was in such a state of transition and change, I was able to gain valuable skills and knew knowledge about working in an art museum, especially one that is undergoing major renovations, as several other major art museums throughout the country have done currently and in the past several years.

By working with the Collections Manager, the Registrar, and the Curator, I was able to learn not only about working in an art museum, but also about American art between the nineteenth century and today as well as proper art handling techniques and storage practices. Additionally, I was given research projects to help members of the Art Team better understand older objects from the collection that were being considered for deaccession to be sent to auction, specifically, a scale model of the RMS Queen Mary and a collection of toy trains.

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