Dr. Botelho’s HIST 601 and the Early Modern Recipe Book Project

Dr. Lynn Botelho crafted a fascinating and enjoyable project for her spring semester’s HIST 601: Seminar in History. Dr. Botelho speaks to her project design:

“Our MA students are a fun mix of future public historians and future academics historians, with maybe a future editor or two thrown into the mix for good measure! My goal was three-fold. One, I wanted the students to work collaboratively on a public project and to do so very much in the way they might encounter in their work lives. Consequently, the website was built by them and its content provided by them. Two, I wanted to expose them to earlier forms of hand writing and to acquaint them with the challenges it provides. As a result, we did a crash course in early modern paleography. Here, it is hoped that the public historians could add a skill to their growing collection. And once again, we worked collaboratively to produce a full transcription of an early modern recipe book. Three, I wanted every student, regardless of professional goal, to be involved in the production of actual scholarship. Consequently, they wrote sometimes quite pioneering research papers that were entirely driven by their individual research in primary source documents, both in printed and manuscript forms. At the end of the day, we wanted to produce something that other scholars could us. Not only have their transcripts acquired attention, but so too have their blogs. They have over 50 followers and the number is growing!”

Follow their project blog at:

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