History in the Making is the blog for IUP’s graduate History program.  It features student and alumni achievements, department events, and other notes of interest.

The History M.A. program offers a degree with either a 30-credit (thesis) or 36-credit (non-thesis) option.  Students must complete a research requirement and a subject matter requirement.  Courses in American, European, Non-Western, and public history are available.

Public History Concentration

“Public history” is the discipline of methods and practice of history outside a traditional academic setting for a non-academic audience.  A public historian makes the past accessible for the masses.

Public Historians work in many environments including archives, museums, government agencies, and historical societies, with historical editing and historical preservation projects.  The concentration is quite flexible, with both thesis and non-thesis options.  All students complete 36 hours of coursework, combining conventional history courses with public history, research, and an internship designed to introduce them to the various public history fields and give them the opportunity to pursue more advanced study and practical experience in one or more of these fields.

Students have interned at a number of places including: the Heinz History Center, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Erie County Historical Society, National Parks Service, Colonial Williamsburg, and the Johnstown Area Heritage Center.

History Concentration

Students may elect to pursue a master’s degree with a concentration in American and/or European history.  Students in the history concentration combine conventional history coursework with research and, in some cases, internships.  In general, students planning to continue at the doctoral level should select the thesis option and a specific group of courses that will prepare them for advanced study.

Thesis students complete 30 hours of coursework, including Research Methods and the thesis.  In general, students who do not plan to continue at the doctoral level should select the non-thesis option and take courses appropriate for their goals.  Non-thesis students complete 36 credits in coursework, which includes Research Methods and two research seminars.

For more information on the program please see our website at www.iup.edu/history


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